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    • Wow, qol is real. nice man ! 😄
    • Looks great man 🙂
    • Hello Players of Prosperity. If the launcher gives you any issues (Not downloading the update) Delete the Prosperity.jar file in your user.home directory.  Today's batch consists of some content/bug fixes. Hope you all enjoy the changes if you have any suggestions please be sure to let us know on the forums/discord Thanks!     Game Changes: Fixed Potion making, spamming it no longer increases the speed. Fixed Firemaking, Burning the log & picking it up doesn't gain you xp anymore, the log must burn to get the xp drop Fixed Chiseling bolt tips, spamming it no longer increases the speed. Added a New Teleport Interface Brought back the Quest-Tab interface Cleaned up the Interface to show when DXP, DPC, ETC is active Added "Teleport" option to the world map, it now opens the teleport interface Added a PvP tournament event to cycle every hour, it randomly selects an armour setup & announces it. Added ::joinpvp to join the Event Added a "PvP Wars" minigame, which is the same as the event, except you can use it at anytime & change which gear sets you use. The rewards are different. Moved Sotetseg to his Proper maps. Increased the Stats/Accuracy of the Trident Buffed Zulrah's drop table. Added the Killcount interface to the "NPC Killcounts" option in the info tab Some minor fixes/bugs that were reported (Can't remember which exactly)    
    • Hello everyone,   As you know me in game as Vincent i have decided to leave the server for a little while nothing against the server or Prosper i love that man. but i just don't see myself playing the server as much as i did before, this is not a forever things. Prosper keep up the great work man i hope when i make a return to the server in the future i will see lots of great updates/Fixes you have made. It was great serving as a helper for the time that i was there till i resigned for personal reasons. i will also be leaving from the discord manager position and leave it up to prosper and the crew to take it over. i hope the server keeps growing and hope everyone that's still around the best time.   See you all soon, Vincent
    • Good job man, looks beautiful!
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