Programmed with only the best practices, Prosperity brings you an epic server rivaled by none other.
We focus on design, quality, security, and most importantly our players

What is Prosperity?

Prosperity is a remake project based on the Oldschool version of everyones favourite game! Relive what used to be truely great. Prosperity is a custom rsps that was built upon player suggestions and creativity. We have players contribute to the server updates by allowing them to work side by side with developers in creating new content. Prosperity is hosted on a reliable dedicated server with ddos protection and lots of memory to ensure unscathed uptime and uninterrupted gameplay. The Raiding minigame also provides a boss dungeon that rewards you with very powerful items. If you are interested in the progression of the server, participate by providing us with your suggestions as to what kind of server updates you'd like to see, report bugs, and chat with the team and players,


Although in constant development, our content is near perfection, making it more stable than anyone else.

Loads of Bosses

Get your nostalgia on and fight your favourite oldschool bosses, or even try out the new and improved ones!


Grab a clan, explore the dungeon... Only you & your team can survive long enough to fight through a dungeon of bosses ending with the Great Olm!

Custom Items

Grind your way to the top with familiar items that have a new twist added to them!


Complete unique achievements to earn epic rewards and bonus experience to aid your quest to greatness

Player Events

You & your fellow players all chip in and gain an event! DXP/Double Drop

Other Features

Maiden Of Sugadinti

The Maiden of Sugadinti is the first boss in the Theatre of Blood to make it onto the Prosperity theme! She was believed to be royalty, a myth was started by the vampyres that there was once a living fountain of blood that was surrounded by terrifying spiders.


Lose & Make bank by gambling your way to the top at the ::dice zone


Never get lonely with a friend! ALL bosses drop a mini version for a pet and some skills too!

Great Exp Rates

Train at a decent rate. The rates arent too fast, and they certainly arent too slow, making it perfect for anyone!

Rare Loot and Rewards

Fight some of our toughest bosses, hardest skills, and complete random events to earn rare loot that will sure catch everyone attention!

Free to Play!

You read that right, we dont sell overpowered items or other gear to give donors the advantage. Everything is free!


See for yourself what we have to offer

Join Prosperity and embark on an epic adventure


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